Lush Landscapes: Tips for a Green Lawn

It takes effort, good planning and preventive maintenance to keep a lawn looking green and beautiful – especially during the heat of summer. The type of grass, directional orientation of the lawn and the frequency of care will make a huge difference to the curb appeal of your lawn; keeping your lawn green and healthy will ensure that it will look beautiful during all the seasons of the year.


Water Deeply and Regularly

Light, frequent watering will do nothing but allow your lawn to grow short, inefficient roots that are reliant on continued frequent watering. Watering your lawn deeply with at least one inch of water at a time will help your lawn’s roots grow deep and strong as they reach for additional moisture underneath the soil. Using a timer and a water gauge is helpful to ensure that you are watering your lawn appropriately and taking any local rainfall into consideration as a part of the watering schedule.


Optimal Mowing Height

Mowing your lawn too short can lead it to be stressed and brown. The grass must have some length to it in order to absorb sunlight and nutrients. On the other hand, letting your lawn grow too long is an invitation to weed growth. The ideal length for the grass may depend on the type of grass along with the climate and growing conditions. Regularly mowing the grass to an attractive length that is not too short or too long is a good approach.


Fertilizing your lawn is important for its ability to stay green. A combination quick and slow-release fertilizer will provide the most balanced feeding schedule to meet your lawn’s needs. The type of grass, the soil conditions and the amount of regular irrigation is important as well. The fertilizer should be applied throughout the year based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and with care to preventing children and pets from playing on the lawn until the fertilizer has been absorbed.



Pets can be an obstacle to keeping your lawn green, with the nitrogen in their urine either creating unattractive dark green patches or burnt brown spots. Diluting the area of urine with an immediate wash of water will prevent the concentrated nitrogen from damaging your lawn.


Remove Clutter

Leaving hoses, chairs, pots, children’s toys and other items on your lawn will kill the grass underneath and leave unsightly patches of brown grass. Keeping your lawn clear of these items – or moving them frequently – will allow your grass to grow evenly and create a uniform, green landscape.


Hire Lawn and Irrigation Professionals

Despite your best efforts, keeping your lawn green can be a challenge with a variety of irrigation, fertilization and other maintenance issues to consider along with current weather and soil conditions. Landscapers, lawn maintenance companies and irrigation specialists can make the job simple and take the burden of keeping your lawn green off your mind. A schedule can be set with maintenance provided by the professionals on a regular basis. Adjusting your irrigation to provide the optimum amount of water and setting irrigation timers can make ongoing maintenance of your lawn more simplistic and efficient as well.


Your lawn provides a lot of joy for your family and beauty to your home and neighborhood; it’s important that the investment you make in your lawn, irrigation and maintenance yields an excellent result. By following these tips or seeking help from a professional, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn for many years to come.

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