How to Assess When You Should Install Residential Irrigation

There are several options for maintaining residential lawns, but the most significant is the installation of a quality irrigation system. Several residential irrigation companies have emerged over the years and choosing the right one will help you get a practical and strategic placement for thriving greenery.

After you have decided to install an irrigation system on your lawn, it is important to identify the right time to fix it. Here are some of the factors to consider.

The Right Weather

When you want to install a water sprinkler system, the best time is usually during tolerable weather conditions. On winters, for examples, you will have frozen soil and messy cold seasons which would not be appealing to put up your sprinklers.

In regards to the installation day, it is appropriate to consider a time that does not have extreme weather pattern, i.e. very hot or very cold.

The Ideal Irrigation System for Your Lawn

There are different types of sprinkler systems for residential purposes.

Depending on the distribution method you plan to use, there are several types of irrigation systems to consider including surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, localized irrigation, and drip irrigation.

A Well-Constructed Budget

You can only begin the installation process if you are ready to purchase the sprinkler system. This means that understanding the costs of the installation process is essential. Installation prices vary depending on:

  • The quality and type of the irrigation system you plan to install
  • The property that is to be irrigated or the zonal area size
  • Condition and slope of the soil
  • The total zones that will be covered during installation

Availability of Installation Expert

If what you are installing is simple, such as soaker hose, then you can do it yourself! However, complicated underground system installation needs knowledge in electrical and plumbing.

Besides, an irrigation system would need you to determine the quantity of water required for each zone. So it is probable that you will need to hire an expert.

It is crucial to consider the available top irrigation system installation companies around you. Although spring is usually the preferred period of installation due to the high demand and suitable installation conditions, this period is often the busiest moment for experts.

Making last minute appointment would mean that you won’t easily schedule your installation which would make your greenery vulnerable. It would also result in high charges as the demand or experts would be high

During the fall, however, it is usually off-peak, so you can quickly get elite crew at an affordable price.

What Plans Should You Consider Before Installation?

Before you begin the installation process, proper planning must be done to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Here are some of the steps you must consider before you do the installation:

  • Walk through the area and identify any possible problematic areas or potential obstacles that would affect the installation process
  • Call the installation company you chose to mark the utility lines and problematic areas that must be avoided
  • Consult your water company to know the amount of water available to support the irrigation system
  • Determine the irrigation water source and where this source is located; this way the experts will help you determine the type of irrigation to adopt

Watering your lawn is an essential aspect of protecting your home landscape. Keep in mind that every effort you make in energy and water conservation will help to reduce your irrigation costs. Thus, it is important to choose a competent installation expert that will ensure your lawn is well watered at affordable prices. Protecting your lawn will mean that you are increasing the value of your home.

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