Benefits of Installing a New Sprinkler System

Caring for a lawn can be time-intensive and strenuous work, no matter how beautiful the landscape turns out. Fortunately a common option exists for many property owners, business and residential: sprinklers. Every type of lawn needs water, and sprinklers are one of the fastest ways to get it to them. Read to learn what other benefits a sprinkler irrigation system can deliver.


You can say good-bye to pulling a hose out to water your grass and plants with sprinklers installed. Automatic systems can be programmed to water your property in intervals without you having to lift a finger. Doing so at the right time of day will ward off water evaporation and keep your plants quenched longer; you can also avoid leaving them too damp overnight, which can encourage disease growth. Even if it isn’t automatic, you’ll no longer have to worry about your property going neglected. This might be the most obvious reason, but it’s nonetheless a good reason to consider the investment.


Sprinklers will distribute a more appropriate amount of water than your hose will. Using a hose will more than likely spread more water than necessary, thereby wasting it; many sprinklers have sensors to avoid this. Some include moisture and rain sensors to judge whether they’ll need to activate. What’s more is that you won’t have to pay for the extra water usage and won’t run the risk of oversaturation. Since your water schedule will be better managed, your plants are likely to live longer.


Any number of events in life could prevent you from watering your lawn on a regular basis. Sprinklers eliminate the need to fret over missing your watering schedule, especially with automatic systems. You won’t have the hassle of getting outside help or letting your lawn go dry if you’re gone or forget. Even if it’s something as simple as a busy schedule or as extended as an overseas vacation, a sprinkler system will have you covered.


Most people would agree that a hose running across the lawn floor doesn’t improve the look of the landscape. If you want your property looking neat along with looking healthy, a sprinkler system is the better choice. Besides not having to worry about picking the hose up, having sprinklers means you won’t have any unsightly machinery dotting the land. Many automatic sprinkler heads are designed to pop up when in operation and retract when they’re done, which means you’ll be free of aesthetic worry. Installing a system before the landscaping is complete will ward off any ground damage from the setup. Even if the installation requires unearthing, though, the sprinklers will help offset it.


If you intend on selling your property in the future, a sprinkler system can add unexpected value. Besides the obvious perk of a well-tended, healthy garden, a well-installed sprinkler often raises the market price. While the initial setup costs can be intimidating, sprinklers quickly become an attractive feature of property thanks to the time, money, and water saved. It only helps to have the system designed for maximum cover and efficiency.

Sprinklers are, in several ways, a home improvement. With all the benefits a system brings, you’ll be sparing yourself plenty of work and fret over your landscape’s health. Your bills and water usage will also benefit. It can take time to properly install a system, whether you or a business does it, but if you take care of it, it’ll get your lawn gorgeous and managed in no time.

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