Four Ways to Save Money By Updating Landscaping Slowly

Depending on the size of your yard, your design plans and the current state of your yard, you could realistically spend up to or even more than several thousand dollars sprucing it up. The overall style and condition of your yard are major factors that influence curb appeal, and curb appeal directly ties into your property value. Clearly, it makes sense to update your landscaping if it is not as appealing as you would like it to be. When a substantial amount of funds is not available, you may be able to achieve similar results when you simply complete your updating and design plans at a slower pace.

Plant Seeds

A major component of your landscaping design plans may include planting new vegetation. To see immediate results, you could purchase grass sod patches or rolls as well as new plants that are already mature and in full bloom. On the other hand, if you want to save money, you can purchase seeds. Many plants may sprout and even be thriving or blooming within a few weeks. You simply need to have the diligence to water the seeds and seedlings regularly and the patience to watch them grow. If you decide to plant larger bushes or even trees, remember that the cost of younger, smaller vegetation is usually much more affordable than the cost of mature vegetation.

Let Groundcover Grow

Groundcover is a great way to dress up your yard and flowerbeds in different ways. This type of vegetation usually grows quickly, is easy to maintain and may even require less water than grass. Investing in groundcover may be very affordable, but you generally need to allow these plants time to get established and to spread out across the desired area. You will not enjoy immediate results from your efforts after planting groundcover, so plan to be patient while you nurture the plants regularly.

Take Advantage of Sales

While these are great ways to dress up at least part of your yard on a dime, there may be needs for other items as well. For example, you may need to buy large decorative stones or rocks for hardscape projects. To save money on these items, you may need to actively look for sales and discounts. You may not be able to buy supplies and materials on the exact day that you plan to work on the project. Instead, you may need to wait potentially weeks for the items to go on sale. In exchange for your patience, you may save a substantial amount of money on this aspect of your landscaping project.

Shop in the Off-Season

Many landscaping items are in high demand in the spring and early summer months, and there may be little or no demand for them throughout the rest of the year. Stores and nurseries may offer great discounts on some of these items toward the end of the summer and into the fall months. You will need to have the forethought to plan well ahead of time or the patience to wait until the end of the season to take advantage of off-season sales and discounts.

You can see that each of these money-saving tips regarding landscaping are related to timing and patience. Many homeowners rush out to buy supplies and materials as soon as the weather turns warm, and they may purchase items that will provide them with immediate results for their efforts. However, it is clear that this strategy may cost you a fortune needlessly. If you change your mindset about needing instant results, you may save a small fortune on your landscaping projects.

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