Getting Your Sprinkler System Ready For Summer

The summer season is often a time when the temperatures rise and heat waves occur for several weeks or months. The dry weather can be extremely harsh on plants and grass on residential properties, which can cause the yard to die out of it’s not maintained well. Those who want their grass and shrubs to thrive can get their sprinklers ready to ensure that the plants remain healthy and stay hydrated. To prep your yard for the summer season, there are a few important steps to take with your sprinkler system.

Check the Water Pressure

It’s important for the water pressure to be adjusted for the season to ensure that common problems are avoided with watering the yard. A system that doesn’t have enough pressure will cause the lawn to dry up and water pressure that is too strong often leads to cracked pipes and leaks that develop on the sprinkler heads. Water that mists out of the sprinkler heads should have a lower water pressure. You can use a water pressure gauge to determine the pressure, which can be attached to a hose faucet. Adjust the pressure to 40 -65 PSI and check it each month to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

Look for Clogged Sprinkler Heads

A common problem with sprinkler heads is debris that becomes lodged in the system, which can obstruct water from flowing out properly and will eventually cause the lawn to die in certain areas. Look for dirt or debris that is trapped inside of the product to ensure that the yard obtains enough water during the season.

Repair Leaks

Leaks are prone to develop in sprinkler systems and can significantly increase the water bill each month. This is often due to seals that become worn or damaged over time due to lawn mowers or old age. This can reduce the water pressure in the sprinkler system and will often lead to dry spots. Water loss that occurs due to leaks can also cause weeds to begin to grow and diseases to develop in the yard.

The sprinklers can be repaired by determining the location of the leak. The seal may need to be replaced in certain types of rotors, but if the leak is too large the sprinkler may need to be replaced by unscrewing it and installing the new head.

Set the Timer

It’s important to set the time on the sprinklers once the summer season arrives to ensure that the lawn is watered at the right time of the day. Set the sprinklers in the morning or evening to prevent too much water from evaporating due to the heat. This will ensure that more water drains deeper into the soil to ensure that the lawn stays healthy. Infrequent irrigations are better for the lawn during the summer season, making it important to increase the interval in-between applications. The automated sprinklers should run for a longer period of time in the summer due to higher temperatures. Those who have sandy soil in their yard should water their lawn longer than grass that has a clay based soil.

Test the System

One of the most effective steps homeowners can take with getting their irrigation system ready for warmer weather is to test each zone for at least two minutes. This will allow you to determine if the timer turns on at the right time while also flushing out any air that may be present. All of the sprinklers should be level with the ground and should spray evenly without any mist present. The main supply valve can then be opened to its full operating position.

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